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We currently operate in French-speaking Africa and France.


Cité Keur Gorgui,

+221 33 923 23 23

Ivory Coast

Cocody 2 Plateaux

+225 27 22 24 64 01


47 Boulevard de Courcelles,
75008 Paris

+33 1 76 46 17 65

Benin Republic

N°277, Rue 11.034 Gbegamey Cotonou Benin

+229 94 00 39 84

Frequently asked questions.

National shipments

  • You can contact our services by :
    - Phone +221 33 923 23 23 (for Senegal) or +225 27 22 24 64 (for Ivory Coast);
    - Email to: [email protected]

  • When your delivery order is created, you will be notified at each stage of the delivery by sms.
    In addition, you will be automatically notified by sms when the papser performs an action on the delivery task.

  • Our papsers will contact you by phone upon receipt of your parcel (or mail) to confirm an appointment with you.

  • If you wish to postpone your delivery, you can notify our support team via the various contact channels. You can also notify the papser when he calls you to make an appointment for delivery.

  • All deliveries made are planned and reported on the dedicated platforms to ensure tracking. However, our teams are working on a more attractive model to bring back the express service.

  • The receipt of payment and the PAPS validation code are used to secure the delivery of the passport. The receipt remains the only physical document authorizing a person to collect the passport.

  • To join our team, simply fill in the dedicated form available on the "Our programmes" page. The PAPS Academy will not hesitate to contact you for an appointment. For any further information, you can contact our support team by phone, e-mail or on social networks.

  • Spontaneous applications should be sent to [email protected]. The People & Culture team will contact you if necessary.

  • Opening your PAPS account is easy. Click on the Request a quote button and fill in the form. A sales representative will contact you to finalise your membership. For any further information our support team is available if needed.

International shipments

  • We carry out land freight in the whole West African sub-region. Our teams can also offer you other freight solutions taking into account the cost, time and above all security aspects of your shipments. Detail your needs and our experts will provide you with a proposal that defies all competition.

    Request a quote

  • As a UPS representative, we ship to all destinations worldwide. The UPS network consists of more than 500 aircraft worldwide and just over 500,000 direct and indirect jobs.

    Request a quote

  • You have the possibility to have your order delivered by PAPS to your home (Senegal, Guinea Bissau) by ordering on e-commerce sites such as Amazon. All you have to do is choose UPS as your carrier when validating your purchase. Our teams will contact you as soon as your shipment arrives at the airport for the last mile delivery conditions.

  • You can track your shipment from the UPS public website "". - Fill in your UPS tracking number on the dedicated section and click on the Tracking button; - Then click on View Details and then Shipment Status to bring up your shipment history. Do not hesitate to contact our staff for any further information on the status of your shipment.

  • If your package is detained by customs, our teams will automatically notify you and accompany you through the customs clearance process with your agreement. A detailed invoice will be sent to you by the teams and we will carry out the customs clearance and delivery once the invoice is paid.

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