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About Us

About Us

PAPS is a company whose ambition is to revolutionize the logistics sector in Africa. Present in Senegal and Ivory Coast, PAPS aims to grow and become the largest proximity distribution service in West Africa.

Paps was initially conceived as a delivery service for the mass market. With the growth of the delivery and e-commerce sector, Paps launched an application and became the first company to offer on-demand and geo-localized deliveries in Francophone Africa. At the time, the application allowed customers to order deliveries to restaurants, grocery stores, pharmacies, etc.

But very quickly, Paps noticed various difficulties that companies were facing. Indeed, they have a recurring problem related to the lack of registered addresses. One of the most obvious solutions for these companies is to internalize a courier function with the associated costs and management, without the courier or driver being involved in the value creation process of the company. In addition, the other problem they were facing was to use informal alternatives that did not guarantee any security, no transparency in the shipping process and uncertain availability of carriers. Paps decided to reorient their market and address the BtoB market by offering them the services they needed. Paps decide to switch its market and to address the B2B by offering the services they need. They have 5 types of services:

  • mailing: distribution of mails & parcels by door-to-door or their relay points (national & international)
  • regular tours: periodical tours of package distribution over a company network
  • long haul: distribution of large volumes by vans & trucks (national & international)
  • deliverer at disposal: a papser staffed at client level to execute several deliveries
  • Warehousing Services: preparation & storing of different types of goods for clients

The startup targets multi-site companies with recurring collection or shipping needs, like banks, merchants and e-commerce, adopting a pay-per-use model based on distance and weight.

As it did for the B2C segment, it strongly focused their solutions on innovation and technology. For instance, they offer e-merchants the possibility to integrate their API into the merchant site to automate deliveries for each order. They have also developed MyPaps, a platform that provides their customers with better inventory management and visibility into their shipment. The informations collected on the platform go to Paps Ops, a dashboard made for the operations team which allows them to dispatch the deliveries requests to the papsers who receive their missions and roadmap on their phone via their dedicated app.
Paps also makes the quality of services a point of honor. To maintain its brand, Paps trains their deliverers, aka papsers, via the Paps Academy. It is a free program established to make each deliverer more aware about : the use of the application, the customer relationship & the traffic regulations.

Paps’ model is based on the uberization of the papsers and the fleet. It proposes to the individuals who are asset owners to lend their vehicles (from scooters to trucks) in exchange of a monthly based revenue. On the other hand, the deliverers have a similar status to that of self employed and are paid on a commission basis. Paps makes sure to ensure a minimal amount of deliveries per day to make sure they earn interesting revenues.

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